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Policies and Procedures

Our goal as a rescue gro up is to find the best homes possible for these loving creatures that otherwise would not have had a chance for survival.   Please understand that we have certain guidelines for adoption, and we appreciate your cooperation in complying with these policies and procedures

The first step for potential adopters is an application.  Once the application has been filled out in it's entirety, we will review and assess.  IF your application has been approved, we will contact you. Filling out an application is not binding NOR does it guarantee adoption. This application is crucial to our adoption process, and MUST be completed before we proceed. The application can be found in each of the animals' information section on our website.

*****Pick of the Litter reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason.*****  

Once you are approved for adoption, you must sign a contract and pay the adoption fee ($150 for dogs/$95 for cats).  We encourage you to read the contract thoroughly.  The adoption fee includes all pets being current on vaccinations (age appropriate), dewormed, any necessary testing completed, and microchipped. All pups are spayed/neutered at 16 weeks old and kittens are spayed/neutered by 6 months old. If you adopt a kitten before it is spayed/neutered, it is MANDATORY that the adopter have the kitten spayed/neutered by 6 months old. POTL will provide the name of a veterinarian who will bill POTL for the surgery. If you elect to use another veterinarian, it will be the responsibility of the adopter to pay for the procedure and it is MANDATORY that proof be sent to POTL within 30 days of the pet turning 6 months old.

If for ANY reason, you cannot continue to care for your adopted pet, you MUST contact our organization. We do NOT want any of these animals to be relinquished to any other organization, shelter or individual.

There will be a minimum fine of $500 for the following:

•  relinquishing the pet to any other organization

•  not sending proof of spay/neuter procedure if required

We take our mission very seriously and have these po licies in place to protect the animals in our program and to reduce the number of homeless animals in Georgia. Our goal is to eventually not have a need for shelters or rescue groups!

Pick of the Litter
P.O. Box 1994 / Hiram, GA 30141
Adoption Fees:
Dogs $150
Cats $95

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