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Mopsie was pulled from a local kill shelter when she was 4 months old.  She had been living on her own around a lake when she was picked up by animal control.  She was covered with mange, fleas and half bald.  What little hair she had left was completely matted together.  Mopsie was cleaned up, completely vetted and personality tested in her POTL foster home.  She was adopted by a family and lived with them for a year.  They returned her in July 2008 (because they were moving and didn't want her on their new carpet).  Mopsie went back to her original foster home and waited very patiently for 3 months until her new forever home finally arrived. Her new mom and new dog buddy Chauncey drove over 400 miles just to meet Mopsie!!!  It was love at first sight....

“Mopsie is one of the sweetest, cutest, funniest dogs I have ever met.  She is a great companion to both myself and my elderly cocker spaniel, Chauncey.  She always has to have a toy in her mouth (see the picture) and will try to bark and eat a treat with it in her mouth.  She loves to throw her toys around the house and the yard and then chase them.  At times, she will go out through the doggie door and just sit on the patio, watching the lizards, frogs, toads and the rest of the nature in the back yard...next thing I know, she jumps up and starts chasing after them, reminding me that she is not my daughter, but my dog.  She is so kind, gentle and loving that she has added a whole new dimension to my life.”

Posted 10/15/08

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